Brainboxes was founded in 1984 with its headquarters in Liverpool, England. It is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of serial communication devices.

Jean Mueller LogoBrainboxes has a team of highly qualified software and hardware designers, complemented by its own production and global distribution chain. By investing heavily in research, development and manufacturing, Brainboxes has earned a reputation for being easy to use, highly configurable and highly reliable. Our own production provides an unrivaled level of flexibility and allows you to meet even the shortest delivery times.

Brainboxes' mission is to provide innovative data communication products to ensure that customers can easily “plug in, configure, and manage” their serial devices. The exceptional quality and reliability of the Lean and Six Sigma processes has enabled Brainboxes to offer customers a lifetime warranty and free technical support for all products.

Brainboxes Portfolio:

  • converters Ethernet / serial port and Ethernet / DIO
  • Ethernet switches
  • USB / Serial Adapters
  • Bluetooth / Serial Adapters
  • serial adapters for ExpressCard, PCMCIA, PCI Express

Main advantages:

  • lifetime product warranty and technical support
  • drivers for Microsoft Windows 7,8 and 10
  • Microsoft-approved drivers
  • EMC, CE and FCC accreditation
  • competitive prices of goods
  • quality management system ISO 9001: 2000
  • environmental management system ISO 14001
  • production according to Lean and Six Sigma processes
  • RoHS compliant products
  • WEEE directive implemented

View Brainboxes monitoring modules and converters in eshop. If necessary, we will lend selected items from our stock for testing. If you require very short delivery times, we will arrange for you to reserve the required components in our warehouse.