IDEM Safety Switches

IDEM Safety Switches was founded in 2003 near Manchester, UK. After 18 years of successful development of popular Guardmaster safety switches and locks, the former EJA / Guardmaster technical director, Mr. Medi Mohtasham, decided to leave Rockwell and founded IDEM Safety Switches.

idemToday it is one of the largest European manufacturers of safety switches and locks and has in its portfolio the widest range of stainless steel safety switches.

Countless innovations thanks to many years of experience

With more than 200 years of experience, their team has developed and manufactured the "Next Generation" of safety switches and locks with greater reliability, improved performance and increased durability. This enables these products to be used in increasingly demanding environments.

The knowledge and experience gained over many years has resulted in innumerable innovations and enhancements that provide the ideal solution for the safe coexistence of man and machine. This is evidenced by numerous worldwide patents that improve previous products.

The products meet the requirements of the latest standards and regulations. Much of the product is also intended for use in explosive atmospheres (ATEX). IDEM Safety Switches is constantly improving its manufacturing processes and quality procedures, is ISO 9001 certified and undergoes regular audits:

  • TUV Rheinland
  • Underwriters Laboratories (Surveillance)
  • Baseefa/IECEx (Explosion-proof switches)

Products of IDEM Safety Switches:

  • Explosion-proof switches
  • Mechanical door switches
  • Safety switches for door hinges
  • Mechanical door switches with lock
  • Contactless coded switches
  • Magnetic switches
  • Contactless RFID coded switches
  • Safety relay
  • Cable switches
  • Safety light curtains
  • Emergency stop controls
  • Safety limit switches

Watch interesting videos that illustrate IDEM's patented Tensioner / Gripper cable safety technology. This system is perhaps the quickest way to install the cable switch. This saves you the time you need to install a traditional mounting system. In addition, there is no cable loosening over time and maintenance is greatly simplified.

View IDEM Safety Switches in eshop. If necessary, we will lend selected items from our warehouse for testing. If you require very short delivery times, we will arrange for you to reserve the required components in our warehouse.